Connect your senses to the spaces you inhabit. Introducing comforters,
cushion covers, bedsheets to give a soul to everyday living.

We are spending our intimate moments inside
our closed spaces…
With time ticking slower than ever.

The intimacy has caused us to look beyond the mere functionality of these interiors we occupy and take charge of our homes, the way we design and live in them.


Houmn is the space you inhabit.
 Your escape, your pod and playlist, a therapy to your senses, a haven for your personality.



Give back a little more…

We consider it as our social value to stand out as a responsible choice. We are thoughtful towards the creators and consumers
of the Houmn.

Universal themes,
Classic comfort.

Houmn offers minimal, aesthetic themes to style up your
space in sync with your versatile personality. We are
conscious and driven to deliver quality and comfort.

We. You. From us. For you. Together.